You won’t find this level of training … Anywhere else in the U.S.



Founded in 1998, Strategic Weapons Academy  of Texas (Weaponsacademy) is a private tactical training school built on 37 rural acres south east of Dallas, TX.   The Weaponsacademy facility includes several pistol/rifle ranges, a long precision rifle range, a live fire shoot house, a simunitions house and also an explosive breaching range.  We also have climate controlled modern classroom and facilities.  When you take one of our courses you will be trained in privacy, not on a public shooting range.  We take pride in our personalized classes and courses.  The unique nature of our training facility combined with the best instruction available allow you, the student, to receive the highest quality training possible.  See for yourself!  Enroll now and come train with us at Weaponsacademy!


We’ll admit it. We’re proud of it.

Our Training Academy is the backbone of our business.

  • All of our employees must first successfully pass through these doors before they can become a member of The Bulot Company.
  • But we’re not selfish, our cutting-edge programs also provide training opportunities for military, law enforcement and private industry professionals from around the world.
  • Located just outside Dallas, Texas, all of our instructors are formally trained and have extensive and appropriate military and governmental operations experience.
  • Whether you need certification with a particular tactical firearm, a course on the latest in international anti-terror strategies, or need to stay finely-tuned and keep your professional skills up to date, our Training Academy is a very smart choice.

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