The Bulot Company LLC, Texas DPS License C10715

Never Underestimate the value of a trained and watchful eye

When you hire security personnel, you should wind up feeling and being secure as the result.

Bulot Security, a division of The Bulot Company, draws its experience and skills from the military and law enforcement communities. These skills are effective tools that can effectively support your national and international commercial objectives.

Our staff has a wealth of worldwide experience. We are recognized

for how we manage high-risk situations … as well as day-to-day installation site security.

All of our employees go through a selective screening process emphasizing professionalism and experience and evaluating character, maturity, judgment and decision-making skills. Strengthening each employee’s background, we mandate a training curriculum that is far above our competitors, providing you with the very best and most flexible security product on the market.

Our goal is to provide you with well-trained and seasoned security professionals who also have exceptional field operations experience.

We take your security very seriously.