The Bulot Company LLC, Texas DPS License C10715

During disasters, we can take care of many needs… you’ll have enough to do

Food and water, portable showers and bathrooms, water pumps, satellite phones and Internet connectivity, sandbags, boats, fuel, radios, 4WD Vehicles, medical and hygiene kits, generators, external lighting, security …

… as our friends along the U.S. Gulf Coast have learned, when disaster strikes, there is a lot to think about very quickly.

That is when you will want to turn to The Bulot Company. We’ve already thought about everything. We’re also already experienced.

In a crisis, one of the first things needed is security to stabilize and protect your people and assets so that relief efforts can commence.

The Bulot Company can certainly do that. However, our Disaster Response Teams are also designed to support the full spectrum in disaster situations.

We deploy teams comprised of medics, cooks, electricians, and engineers. Our disaster teams are equipped with a rapid deployment survival package that is designed to provide life support … not only for the Bulot team but also for our client’s personnel.